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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Stylish Homestaging (Michelle Kaminski; hereinafter referred to as Contractor) advises the owner of a property, broker or developer on how a property could be presented in a more representative way.

1. Scope

The following general terms and conditions apply to all contracts, deliveries and other services. German law applies.

2. Conclusion of contract

Price information in advertisements is subject to change and non-binding. Errors reserved.

The contractor undertakes to carry out the commissioned services with the utmost care.

However, the contractor does not guarantee that a staged property can then automatically be successfully sold/rented or even sold at a higher price.  

The client undertakes to provide the contractor with all information necessary to fulfill the agreed scope of services.

Furthermore, the client undertakes to handle decorative objects or furniture with care, which the contractor has made available to him for a fee for an agreed period of time, or undertakes to pay full compensation in the event of any damage or even loss.

3. Prices and terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the invoice amount is to be paid within two weeks of invoicing.

4. Delivery times

In the event of force majeure, unrest, official measures and other unforeseen events, the delivery period is extended by the duration of the disruption.

5. Visual impression

The contractor is not liable for any dissatisfaction with the decoration work carried out.

It is expressly pointed out that such planning is always a matter of subjective designs, the satisfaction of which depends on the taste of the respective viewer.

The customer is aware of this. The contractor assumes no guarantee for the sale of the property or the amount of the purchase price.

6. Retention of Title

The delivered goods remain the property of the contractor.

7. Privacy

The customer is hereby informed that the contractor stores and processes the personal data obtained as part of the business relationship in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act.

8. Copyrights

The Contractor reserves ownership and all copyrights to drawings, illustrations, calculations and other drafts, in particular the representation within the framework of an anonymous version on the Internet or in print media for documentation or advertising purposes.

If the customer does not want this, he must inform us of this when the order is placed.

10. Severability Clause

Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become legally ineffective or should there be a gap in the contract, this does not affect the validity of the remaining contractual provisions.

The following special regulations apply to equipment, furniture and accessories:

1. The content and extent of the furnishings is documented by a photographic log  fixed by the contractor.

2. Upon acceptance of the rented items, the customer or his representative has the obligation to satisfy himself that they correspond to the stated quantity. Complaints must be reported back to the contractor immediately.

3. The customer is obliged to examine the rented items for obvious defects immediately upon receipt and, if necessary, to report them within 24 hours. Subsequent notifications of defects due to obvious defects are excluded.

4. The client is obliged to treat the rented items properly and with care during the rental period.

Advertising materials may only be attached to the rented items with the consent of the contractor. In addition, the customer shall ensure that the rented items are not damaged by third parties.

Any damage must be reported to the contractor immediately.

5. The client is liable for any damage that is not due to contractual use and wear and tear and any loss of the rental items up to the end of the agreed rental period.

The liability of the customer is extended accordingly if the return or collection is delayed for reasons for which the customer is responsible.

It is irrelevant whether damage or loss of the rented items is caused by the client or a third party. The client undertakes to assign any claims for damages against third parties to the contractor upon request.

6. In the case of damage that can be repaired, the customer must reimburse the repair costs. In the case of damage or loss that cannot be repaired, the client has to pay the current value plus replacement costs such as e.g. B. to reimburse shipping and transport costs.

If the repair costs exceed the current value, the customer must also reimburse the current value plus replacement costs.

7. If the client does not return the rented items after the agreed rental period has expired, he must pay an additional usage fee in the amount of the agreed rent for each started rental period, which is fixed in the rental contract, until the return to the contractor.

If the customer does not meet his obligation to return the goods despite being asked to do so and setting a reasonable deadline, the contractor can demand compensation in the amount of the value of the rental items that have not been returned.

8. Partial termination of an order is not possible.

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