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We know that the first impression counts and that is why home stegaing is so important for the successful marketing of your property.

Did you know that hardly anyone can imagine the proportions of an empty property?

Prospective buyers want to imagine their own future when viewing a property and not in the  living past of previous owners.

Most purchasing decisions are made based on emotion. 

It is important to create a feel-good atmosphere that still leaves room for imagining personal furnishings. 

It should not hide any flaws, but rather emphasize the advantages and present the property perfectly for marketing.



You can benefit from a reduced time to market, as well as asking prices that are often exceeded.

Due to the upscale overall impression of the property, more interest is already aroused in the property pictures in the exposé.

Using home staging is cheaper than the discounts that would have to be given when renegotiating.


estate agents

For brokers who use home staging, there is a clear competitive advantage that sets them apart from the market. 

Appealing photos make the synopsis much more interesting and it is called up more frequently on the internet.

Addressing the target groups becomes easier and the visit can become an experience.


developers and investors

The marketing can already take place with the first completed apartment. Despite the ongoing renovation phase, reservations or sales can already be made and time can be saved.

A facility that suits the target group has a positive influence on the decision of those interested.

This enables an attractive presentation with low investment costs.

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